"Assault on a Krell Forward Base!"
A Morrow Project Report
by Bill Pixley
HTML'ized by David Little

This adventure was originally published in Pegasus Magazine, No.8, June/July 1982. Since scanning the original map left the hex numbers unreadable, I have placed the various soldiers (by number) on the map. To do this, I also re-numbered the soldiers in Krell Unit 2. Otherwise, everything in this scenario is exactly as originally published.


Once again the Krell are up to their old tricks. They move into an area that lacks any strong force, blow the local strongmen apart, and then reorganize the populace exacting severe taxes in the form of arms, grain, and most importantly, alcohol for their trucks. In exchange for the taxes the locals get no protection, most of their arms taken away (except for Muskets and Shotguns), and wiped out if they dare complain. The supplies are then sent back to the main Krell Base to strengthen the Krell. Additionally, a selected number of young men are impressed into slave labor units back at the Krell Base. When they have served fifteen years in back-breaking labor, under brutal conditions, and have been throughly indoctrinated, they are turned into regular Krell soldiers. Mixed with them are various children taken by the Krell and raised as their own to be totally loyal to Krell and his appointed leaders. This system allows Krell to develop a totally loyal army, and with bonuses for spying on one's comrades, the system almost always insures total loyalty (Krell has gone so far as to fake the capturing of a unit, selected at random, and then execute via torture anyone who foolishly joins the capturing side). This particular scenario is a Forward Base that has just recently arrived to dominate an area. They have shot dozens of people, blown apart Monks, stabbed truckers who gave them a rough time, and carried off a quota of children. Their current base had been a Trading Post, held to be neutral territory by many of the surrounding groups before the arrival of the Krell. After massacring the people who ran the Trading Post (which served to trade items between two otherwise hostile groups) the Krell fortified it. The building has been completely sandbagged up to and including the roof (with suitable reinforcements to hold the sandbags in place). Each of the roads (at the points marked) have road blocks rigged upon them. The road blocks consist of four 1-beams scavenged from a nearby town, sunk into the roadway with three more 1-beams acting as crosspieces. The barricade is covered with barbed wire and thorn branches. Hidden on the far side of each road block is a home-made mine (treat as a M26Al Fragmentation Grenade with a 20% chance of not going off because of incorrect setup and wiring). Additionally, scattered about the map are several two-man weapons pits (See map; and they also are boobytrapped as per the road block).

Krell Force Leader: Warrior William Followerson
Warrior William is one of the descendents of the original Warriors of Krell from right after the war. A hard man, he regularly flogs and otherwise disciplines his men harshly, but never without reason. A fanatical follower of Krell (who he has never seen), he would consider it an honor to die in Krell's service if he could take out some of the enemy in the giving of his life. He has the only key to the electrical box that controls the various boobytraps that lie by the road blocks and in the weapon pits. (Located in room 4)
SP/EP: 225
Equipment: one Ml7Al Protective Mask, three M26Al Fragmentation Grenades, one S&W M27 31/2, 10 rounds, .357 Magnum, 12 rounds, .38 Special, Ruger AC-556 Assault Rifle (see Pegasus 7), three 20 round magazines, one Armbrust.

The Fort

Room 1: The old front room of the gas station that the fortress was built on. The door to the outside is two inch wood and is held in place by a four inch crossbar. Soldiers No. 1 and No. 2 are always present in this room on guard (actually, they switch off with the other members of Unit One, but at the time of the assault, they will be in this room).
Room 2: This room serves as the office/living quarters for Warrior Followerson. He will be present in this room at the time of the attack. The room contains a cot, an old pre-war metal desk, and twenty days worth of food.
Room 3: This room serves as the storage room for the fort. It contains 240 days worth of food (mainly corn meal and salted meat). This room has a door to the outside like that found in Room 1.
Room 4: This small room is a recent addition. It is built of 4 inch, rough sawed wood with a layer of sandbags surrounding it. The door is made of 3 inch raw sawed logs and is locked by an old pre-war lock (Warrior Followerson has the only key). This room contains various weapons, ammo and explosives that aren't issued to the troops. The room contains:
Room 5: This is the sleeping quarters for the Soldiers No. 3 - 6 in Unit One. The room contains 150 days worth of rations in various forms, ranging from old G-rations to hand-ground corn meal, various blankets and other sleeping gear, a pair of butcher knives, and a loaded Flintlock Pistol. At night, Soldiers No. 3 - 6 of Unit One will be in the room.

Krell Unit No. 1

Unit One is Warrior Williams personal squad. They obey him solely and enforce discipline on the rest of the men under his command.
Soldier No. 1: STR/CON: 12; DEX/ACC: 13; SP/EP: 244; Equipment: one M16A1, three 30 round magazines, one Armbrust.
Soldier No. 2: STR/CON: 8; DEX/ACC: 13; SP/EP: 172,-, Equipment: Colt Commando Assault Rifle (see Pegasus 7), two 30 round Magazines, Enfield Pistol, 12 rounds of .38 Ammo (is not .38 Special Ammo), one M26A1 Fragmentation Grenade.
Soldier No. 3: STR/CON: 16; DEX/ACC: 9; SP/EP: 236; Equipment: BAR, three 20 round Magazines, Colt Police .38, 12 rounds of .38 Special, one .54 Flintlock Pistol, 30 Balls and 30 charges worth of Black Gunpowder.
Soldier No. 4: STR/CON: 10; DEX/ACC: 10; SP/EP: 200; Equipment: M16A1, two 30 round Magazines, two Colt Peacemakers in a cowboy fast draw rig, 53 rounds of .45 Colt, four MKII Pineapple Grenades.
Soldier No. 5: STR/CON: 10; DEX/ACC: 7; SP/EP: 200; Equipment: Remington 870P, 30 rounds of 12 gauge Shotgun Ammo, Colt M1911A1, three 7 round Magazines, one MKII Pineapple, Bayonet.
Soldier No. 6: STR/CON: 16; DEX/ACC: 16; SP/EP: 236; Equipment: Krell 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle (see Pegasus 5), 20 rounds of M56A1 20mm Ammo, Markov Sl Pistol, one 8 round Magazine, 10 extra rounds (see Pegasus 7), .54 Flintlock Pistol, 10 Balls, 10 charges of Powder.

Krell Unit No. 2

Soldier No. 7: STR/CON: 9; DEX/ACC: 9; SP/EP: 181; Equipment: Krell 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle, 10 rounds of M56A1 20mm Ammo, Colt Police.38, 10 rounds .38 Special.
Soldier No. 8: STR/CON: 4; DEX/ACC: 4; SP/EP: 116; Equipment: M1903 Springfield (see Pegasus 7), three 5 round Clips.
Soldier No. 9: STR/CON: 9; DEX/ACC: 1; SP/EP: 181; Equipment: M1903 Springfield, three 5 round Clips, Machete.
Soldier No. 10: STR/CON: 6; DEX/ACC: 16; SP/EP: 136; Equipment: KAR-98, four 5 round Magazines, .54 Flintlock Pistol, 12 Balls, 20 charges worth of Powder, .54 Bullet Mold, P-08 Luger, one 8 round Magazine, 15 extra rounds.
Soldier No. 11: STR/CON: 4; DEX/ACC: 13; SP/EP: 116; Equipment: M1 Garand, three 8 round Clips, .44 New Model Army, 30 Balls, 50 charges worth of Powder, 100 Percussion Caps, .44 Bullet Mold, .54 Flintlock Pistol, ten .54 Balls, 10 charges worth of Powder, .54 caliber Bullet Mold.
Soldier No. 12: STR/CON: 6; DEX/ACC: 7; SP/EP: 136; Equipment: M1 Garand, two 8 round Clips, 10 loose rounds, Colt Police .38, 30 rounds .38 Special.
Soldier No. 13: STR/CON: 6; DEX/ACC: 16; SP/EP: 136; Equipment: Mini-14 (see Pegasus 7), two 20 round Magazines, one .54 Flintlock Pistol, .54 Bullet Mold, twelve .54 Balls, 10 charges worth of Powder, MKII Pineapple Grenade.
Soldier No. 14: STR/CON: 12; DEX/ACC: 7; SP/EP: 244; Equipment: KAR-98, four 5 round Magazines, Colt M1911A1 Pistol, ten 7round Magazines, 30 loose .45 ACP rounds, four MKII Pineapple Grenades, Sabre.
Soldier No. 15: STR/CON: 5; DEX/ACC: 12; SP/EP: 125; Equipment: Sten MKII, two 32 round Magazines, Colt Police .38, fifteen rounds of .38 Special.
Soldier No. 16: STR/CON: 11; DEX/ACC: 15; SP/EP: 221; Equipment: Carbine, two 15 round Magazines, Colt Police .38. 12 rounds of .38 Special Ammo, MKII Pineapple Grenade.
Soldier No. 17: STR/CON: 3; DEX/ACC: 19; SP/EP: 109; Equipment: M1 Garand, four 8 round Clips.
Soldier No. 18: STR/CON: 18; DEX/ACC:10; SP/EP: 264; Equipment: M1903 Springfield, three 5 round Clips, two .54 Flintlock Pistols, .54 Bullet Mold, twenty .54 Balls, 30 charges worth of Powder, MKll Pineapple Grenade.
Krell Vehicles
Krell Armored Car 1, 50 gallons of Alcohol (500 miles of driving).
Krell Armored Car 2, 100 gallons of Alcohol (1,000 miles of driving).